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Testo Smalltown

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Tell me where oh where has summer gone
It hasn't come this year
You always cry when swallows fly
With doubts in search of dreams
He's a working man
Can't you understand
And he sweats for a mans release
But you've seen the lie
In the children's eyes
As heroes turn to tears

Tell me how
This life won't let you go
Tell me how
This same old fool
Keeps coming back to you

It's the same old scene it's always been
Men flex muscle fast
And men pull punches after hours
When the moments spell is cast
So you take your chance
At the smalltown dance
Where romances is up and gone
It's Friday night
You're another man wife
And you waltz that lie till dawn


Tell me where oh were has summer gone
It hasn't come this year
You always cry when swallows fly
They confirm your darkest fears
When a bottle strikes
Down one mans life
And his children's lives as well
The full moon pulls you
Many times
To the outer edge of hell

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