Something's Got To Give Testo

Testo Something's Got To Give

She walked into the room
Leaving all her lovers in her trail
And all that glitters fades
With the garlands round her fame
Out where the journey turns
Another river runs and I'm amazed,
You're the one, locking on
Like a memory
And it's good to feel you near

So burn anther dawn
And your tired and empty eyes look to the sun
But grace won't come
Before this night is done
Somewhere down that road
You'll look round and realize that it's all gone
Empires rise, and they fall
I've played my part
Holding on

But if this is the way
We love and we live
So let it be
But brother, can't you see
(But it just seems to me)
That something's got to give

Sometimes I can't easy see or believe
All of this nature's too real
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