Will You Follow Testo

Testo Will You Follow


I'm too weak to fight
I'm too tired to argue
I only have one wish and to make it come true
Will you hear what I have to say?
Will you listen to me?
Come on, take the chance and see what could be..

The time has come for me to leave
Leave this place of sins behind
I will travel to a land without sorrow
I won't wait for you no more
The journey starts right now
Come on, take my hand, and I will show you

Will you follow me to death
Till your last breathe?
And follow me to a world without madness
Can you leave the past behind
For something never we will find?
Will you follow me to a place without sadness?

I know we're lost now
But I have a way how
You can go but you must leave without any doubt
Just follow my voice
I'm not far away
Reach out your hand and you will not remain



[Chorus x2]
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