Beneath What You See Testo

Testo Beneath What You See

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
In life there are people that I
cannot understand
I refuse to give into all that you
You cannot see into me, and I
cannot see in you
Beneath what you see is
someone that you thought you

Beneath what you see
Is someone you can't control

Alone I wait for someway to
change this
If no one came to help me they
would not be missed
This is what lies on other
side of the wall that separates
A line that when is crossed,
it's already too late

Beneath what you see
Is someone that you can't
You cannot understand
I am in command

Running in circles, my world
has gone mad
Wanting things that I know I
can never have
Always addicted to something
that will destroy
Always watching you driving
me paranoid

Beneath what you see
Is someone that you can't
Beneath what you see
Is someone that wiil destroy
All that used to be
Has changed to me
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