Dark Predictions Testo

Testo Dark Predictions

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
[music by R. Cortez lyrics by R.B. Cortez]

The foretelling of future events
From prophecies of the divine
Writing words in the revelation
For the future of mankind

Prophets throughout the centuries
Looking ahead through time
Dark predictions arising now
As written in time

Darkness from the beginning of time
Prowling day and night
Doom, sorrow in the entity
For all those who stand on the right


Its been writ, theres been some
To hold the second power
Time has told, man against man
Many people, have died
Still to come, undeniable death
The end of the world
Nowehere to run, nowhere to hide

Revelations coming true
Environment a melting mire
Slow to rise, so quick to fall
The world will end in fire
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