Avalon Testo

Testo Avalon

A tree in a stream floating upside down
A boat with a hole spinning round and round
There's a bird on a string staring up at the clouds
And a rat with a snake heading underground

Standing on top of the Avebury Hill
A circle appears, the pathway is still
The egg stone is waiting there right at the top
Can you see a maze that time has forgot?

Standing on Avalon
My thoughts are in the way
Yesterday, so far away
The hills of Avalon

Deep in the waves where the ocean hides
There's a reflection from an auburn sky
The rainbows unfold with the light of the sun
The vision, serenity, has just begun

I rest in the shadows where the air is clear
I hear of a silence that's drawing near
I search the horizon that lives in a dream
An innocent world awaits for me

Am I there? No, maybe not
I'm sure there's a way but I could be wrong
There's a road to travel on
Way up in the hills of Avalon
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