Footsteps In The Hall Testo

Testo Footsteps In The Hall

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
The sound is getting closer
The footsteps in the hall
I can hear them talking
I listen through the wall
It sounds to me like someone is
heading for a fall
Maybe I should follow
the footsteps in the hall

Do what you want to
You're too late
I'm watching you
Do what you want to
It's far too late
I'm on to you

Now I hear the door close
I step out in the hall
I listen through the doorway
I listen through the wall
Maybe I could stop this or maybe I should call
It sound to me like someone is
heading for a fall

[repeat chorus]

The elevator opens
I run back to my room
I hear a lot of voices
They'll get him very soon
I don't know when he's comin'
I don't know what to do
Now the room is silent
We'll all be in the news

[repeat chorus]

Now here comes the victim
He doesn't have a clue
Then I hear the room scream
"surprise" this night's for you
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