No Stranger (Chapter Viii) Testo

Testo No Stranger (Chapter Viii)

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I've tried hard to tell you
You better, you better, you better be careful
Right down the line, and I am no stranger
It wasn't long ago, so very long ago
I was one of your kind

You'd better stop the running 'round and listen
'Cause when the lights come up
I'll have my eye on you

Once you mistook me
For the menace, the menace
Oh, if you'd only know, and that last confrontation
Was just a warning, so that you'd know what would happen
If you push me too far

I see a cloudless sky before me
I'm searching for the ones, I'm searching for the ones
Who'd like to leave this all far behind them
And when I find you all we'll fade away
Maybe I'll be back, maybe I'll be back
In some other way

You'd better stop the running 'round and listen
Stop the running 'round and listen
'Cause when the lights come up
I'll have my eye on you, I've got my eyes on you

Now we're standing on the sidelines
Just watching how you play
With the toys that seem to outgrow you
I suppose we'll have to miss what you'll decide to do
In a blink of an eye, it comes back to you
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