Say Goodbye To Hollywood Testo

Testo Say Goodbye To Hollywood

You were a star
You know you had it all
You always had a way
To leave them wanting more
We thought we'd lost you
You found an open door
That air of confidence
That needed no support
(But it's okay) Say goodbye to Hollywood
Don't you know we've come too far
(My matinee) My heart breaks
One more for the camera
(Fade to gray) And say goodbye to Hollywood
We were never who we are
(My matinee) You will always leave me wanting more
The future claimed you
And you were left behind
The road you traveled on
Has broken down with time
Gone but not forgotten
To reappear some day
You know I'm always here
You'll never fall from grace
Like a rhythm needs a dancer
Just a shadow on the wall
You know there was a time
You know we had it all
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