We've Been Here Before Testo

Testo We've Been Here Before

Have we been here before?
Have we been here before?
Someone took me by the hand
And lead me through an open door
And told me, you're just what I'm looking for
I try so hard to understand
Why the picture seemed so real
'Cause I know better than to think I was dreaming
[Chorus One]
You know I see it in your eyes
But if it's just imagination
Why do I get this feeling
We've been here before
I turned 'round, shook my head in doubt
Was it just a fantasy
Or are you more than just a memory
Something's familiar every time
But somehow never quite the same
It feels like I'm playin' someone else's game
[Repeat Chorus One]
[Chorus Two]
I must have tried a thousand times
And yet you still refuse to listen
Still I get this feeling
We've been here before
[Repeat Choruses One and Two]
[Repeat Choruses One and Two]
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