Kicks Testo

Testo Kicks

There've been some smash and grab burglaries
in this town
Took what they could find
and they got kicks out of it
the perfect crime

and with the cherubic swines
only waiting for the right move to show
hey you beautiful bastards we're fooling
the sons of the neighbourhood
the perfect crime

Tell everyone that we always have round the clock service
Go tell everyone that we steal and never show mercy
Tell everyone we are now taking care of your brother
let's take your skin
let's take your skin

And they're been some smash and grab
burglaries in this town
the bloodhounds couldn't bark
'cause they never left some mark
so very professional
perfect crime


As we're playing this wonderful game
here's to all of you trying to understand
we get kicks out of smelling our own breath
our own breath

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