That's What They Do Testo

Testo That's What They Do

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I feel sick when I hear myself
shouting out the wrong words
at the wrong time
I'm incapable of listening
carefully when you talk too much
Talk too much

And then we who, 'cause we didn't try to, we drown
And when those who can swin see how we drown

A conversation with the favourite boy
I feel so I fail, why do I fail when I feel
This conversation ain't falling, the back has falling down
Hit the ground


They laugh they turn around
that's what they do

You asked me once if I was freezing cold
I said I'm cold as the razorblade
I told you once that I can shock you
everyone's seen everything

They laugh they turn around
that's what they do

They laugh, they turn around
And they laugh, they laugh, they turn around
And that's what they do
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