Antics Testo

Testo Antics

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
There is more than meets the eye
The distance between us
Short and sweet and justified
You my friend no alibi
If you could think above your thoughts
I'd bet that you would think that
This was all a messy dream
And what we see isn't what it seems

You should leave those boys alone
They've got cameras on their phones

Devil in her eyes, devil in her eyes
Things between her thighs
Oh the camera never lies
If you were the father, oh if you where the father

The price we pay for modern ways
These things spread like wild fire
It'll tear you up and tear you down
No waste no time, no mess around
More well known than all your friends
All this shame brought you fame
Their surprise that fall on eyes
And leaves you there with no disguise

Home alone, when you're home alone
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