Hollow Man Testo

Testo Hollow Man

A World of such pretty things
Dangling, jangling on silk strings
“Escape...come to me!” hypnotically swaying
The latest attractions have hooks in me
You can't here the screams
So soothed again until tomorrow

Break the Cycle
Learn to face the fears
Break the Cycle
Embrace the emptiness, embrace the loneliness

Help is on its merry way
Little pills on the grill
Cooked and then seasoned
To make sure they don't kill
Our days balanced
By two yellows and a blue
And some want to axe the Food and Drug Administration

We are the hollow men- choking' on emptiness
This is a deprivation state- no true substance of mind, inside
We keep it from ourselves- hell...
How could we have known any better anyway
Mamma taught me to run, run, run
daddy taught me to run, run, run
Freeing the pains of the day- can't sit uncomfortable
Undistracted-solely at home- ourselves
To make that true connection- new direction


I can! We can!
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