Huh Mama Testo

Testo Huh Mama

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Sugar pie, honey bum you know that I love guns
I can't help myself
Can't keep that heat on the shelf
You knew I was a knucklehead
Ever since you met me
I Tried to do good for you, boo
But them streets wouldn't let me
You wanted a relationship
You was willing to chase it
I know you seen the pack I kept the ninas packed
But you just couldn't faced it
You mad they got me locked away
Tell me are you leavin'? Are you going away?
I put my trust in you to hold it down like Claire Huxtable
Cuz I'm in love with you ...

[Chorus 2]
I know all the shit that you did for me
Are you willing to suffer for my stupidity?
Huh ma? Huh ma? Huh mama?
I know all that shit that you did for me
But now that I'm locked is you troopin' the bid with me?
Are you willing to suffer for my stupidity?
Huh ma? Huh ma? Huh mama?

9-5 I crime drive, pockets swellin' with stacks
My girl said keep sellin' them cracks you gon' dwell in them acs
I ignored her, knowin' she was only tellin' the facts
Either that or get my melon cracked when the shell interact
But fuck it cuz I done been to hell and back
I feel my C-cipher sentences well intact
I'm developin' that
If I can just find a slumlord to sell us a shack
I'll set up shop with this dumb broad look elephant phat
Where the fellaz is at?
Sit, spark a L and chit chat
On how we can sell richter for fifty flat till they tell us it's wack
Then we drop the price to fourty-three like they feel that it oughta be
In all re-al we still quadruple a quarter Ki
Unfortunately police caught me
The man I shot in the Camelot tellin' the jailers where they escorted me

[Chorus 2]

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