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Testo True Story

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Intro - Saigon]
Yeah, they look at me
But I don't think they see me though
Don't think they see me yet

Why am I mentally filthy?
Why is pistols being concealed and issued with criminal tendencies that relentlessly got me?
Why is it 99.9 inside of me highly sheist and enticed with beef?
Why is it hard for me to think that I'll probably die in poverty?
Why the police authority only fuck with minorities?
Why is there black blood in thugs arteries?
Why does the cold part of me, got me loving crime whole heartedly?
Why is the federal bureaucracy prophecy locking me?
I cop a ki rock a commodity lockin ya property
Stockin monopoly properly, why the vodka be knockin me?
Why hypocrisy tryin to rob me of my philosophy?
Why does the pyrophobic fear fire?
Why the CIA wear wires?
Saw the messiah(?) sharp as the eye of Jeremiah
And it's ridiculous niggas solicite this
Why does wickedness breed the foul in me?
Why the ghetto mentality?

{Chorus - Saigon}

True story (true story)
All the pain all the jail all the death
It's all a true story
The hood ain't lettin me go (ain't lettin me go)
This shit is a true story (true story)
All the drugs all the guns in my life
It's all a true story
Nigga I'm just lettin you (just lettin you know)

Why is the fire inside of me so atrocity filled?
Lyrically im illogically ill the God in me build
Deeper than Carter G(?) wheels, hard to rebuild
Pigs(?) try to keep the truth concealed, probably will
Why the cop'll shackle a theif?
Why not a week of national peace?
Why am I being followed by sorrow, shadows of greif?
Tackle a preist blow the chapel and the tabernacle a piece
Cuz lying is a act of the Beast
Pitiful they slander the Biblical
Lock us down in the land of the critical
Why aint none of us analytical?
Am I a man or a miracle?
Infectin' the Western Hemispherical
With deadly lyrical thats incurable
Why the media players protray us as crack-weighers?
Why is it gonna take black mayors to turn the Mac sprayers to tax payers
Get at me with that, I spit facts naturally black
You dont know the half of me, Ask

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