Women Are The New Dogs Testo

Testo Women Are The New Dogs

Damn girl
They true what they say is ti
Yeah look liek
The table is on turn
I mean but a look [?] it might say to say
The women are the new dog to [?]

She's mine even though she's yours
You ain't' the only one breaking the [?]
They seem right but that's hwo we made up
Women are the new player
Don't' hate em
And she be lie when she say where she go
[?] big quiet when you call on the phone
I had to question why girl you're doing so wrong
She said I got it from you
Women are the new dogs
I'm nice liek [?] On the freestyle
He know I'm fam my number one is [?]
Uh she feelin get a big dam
He come here yeah will be warmer liek the big [?]
Nigga your chick choke [?]
I step up int he night spot I ain't' even [?]
A pussy hit, pussy love, pussy
Truefuly ngga I thought I was [?] shit
Till I seen a sipping henessy dark women to [?] that
And women to be hard
When I say hard I ain't' talkign liek rihanna
Talkign first lane [?] ht the vagina
I [?] Liek em like expected neck
See as much but I still give em respect
She's a she ain't' nothign btu a new dog
So I put on more than just two part


And I'm thinking I'm doing dog dirty
Thinkign she good thinking she not work
And no not boy that I expect she was still give me sex to a [?]
Till my [?] the radio station till you [?] On a segmenet a true confession
[?] to hey aprove without a question
But you was hitting [?] Doing a
You said I hope this niggas is production
They all laugh about on the west side [?]
I'm [?] poiting on em
Feelign lieka jack ass [?] getting withotu desert
[?] while I was getting mine
And she was getting hurt
And [?] Right out the [?] Women on a new [?]


They say women are the new dogs
'Cause a lot of women turning in the new [?]
And the.shwo thing [?] case
Back to winnign being a new [?] this is the [?]
Listen to that new [?] snoop dog
You think them bitches ain't' shit but [?]
Supposed to get
Like uncle [?] never [?]
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