Fallen Trees Testo

Testo Fallen Trees

Dried wells and fallen trees
Breaking Ice and poison seas
All these things I'm told could end my world
Sunlight and missing shields
Flooded plains and blackened fields
All these things I'm told could ruin my world
Statesmen and lawful thieves
Short term gains and hidden deals
All these things I'm told could end my world
Aint it time we had a saviour
Someone beautiful, beautiful
Were in need of a redeemer
Someone wonderful wonderful

Air Power and rapid streams
Sailing ships and solar dreams
All these things I'm told could save my world
Small feats and bigger dreams
Greater goods and less machines
All these things I know can change my world

But as far as I can see
There's no one watching over me
No one who could come and save my world

Maybe I could be a saviour,
Someone beautiful, beautiful
Maybe you could be our leader,
Someone wonderful, wonderful.
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