Just Another Notch Testo

Testo Just Another Notch

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Hey you, remember me?
I'm your long lost friend
you thought you got rid of me
now I'm back in style again
tell yourself that
you don't know me
you don't know my name
call me black tar
call me white horse
it's all the same

You're going down to the devil's bar
to meet the man
you give him everything you've got
to feel me again
heat me up now
pull it tighter
the spoon is your throne
release the tension
feel my rush
welcome home

"Aah, you're lucky now, dont ya?
now you realize, why I'm your very best friend
damn it feels smooth, doesn't it?
this thing have you right back in you, yeah
oh no no no no no, hold on, hold on
wait a minute man, just wait a minute
It's same as last time, trust me
Someone like you can never ever need too much (hate/pain???)
trust me, trust me, trust me"

Trust me!
Trust me!

Hey you! Remember me?
I'm your hungry friend
you think you've fed me enough?
you better think again
and now this time
what you're feeling
is a little too much
they'll find you cold in
your own backyard
you're just another notch
Another notch
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