Broken Art For Expensive Hearts Testo

Testo Broken Art For Expensive Hearts

I am not blind, we're not receiving anything.
Make me dream, then throw me down, another country, another fucking liar.
What was the goal anyway? B.B.Q.'s and beer?
Where's the fucking box? It's more than a fucking hobby.
It's more than pretty girls on a fucking fake screen.
There's no cool people here, there's nothing good.
Your beat is dirty like every faces in your city.

It's about friends, it's about living, it's about love.
Spit in my face, I'll laugh.
One more party with dumb fuckers and tasteless tears.
One more night of wondering what the fuck we're doing here.
Just give me something to drink, we'll steal some food.
Let's be wasted. Let's fucking piss on expensive cars.
Burn the bridge, no more bills, let's feel powerful.
Let's feel true, you radiate, then hesitate.
Let's feel true, you radiate, it sounds like shit.

Fuck your face. [x4]

Fuck your face, no tragedy, it's way too big.
You fucking fake, no tragedy, it's way too big.
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