Dear Ivy Testo

Testo Dear Ivy

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Everything's crazy, just how it should be
Let me go pack my t-shirt then touch your body
Everyone's crazy, just how they should be
Let me go pack my t-shirt then touch your body

Throw me in the fire just to be admired
I leave all my inhibitions to the sea
My mind gets colder but still none the wiser
I fall back on my own freedom or so it seems

Oh but I never want to change a scene without you
I never want to miss a thing without you
Your love is just like poison Ivy

Forward to the chorus, shake off the glory
I carry all the weight of the world on my knees
My knees get weaker, I still got my t-shirt
I fall back on my reason indefinitely

Say you're mine and everything will be just fine
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