Let Me Down Testo

Testo Let Me Down

Well it hurts me so to see you far away and a million times you crossed my mind with every passing day.

Cause it takes the heart in a man to figure out why on earth you never felt so sure and what it`s all about


Cause I wanna be the one to talk to you, oh I, wanna be the one to hold you
don`t you let me down cause you know i won`t recover, don`t you let me down for a life without another, don`t you let me down it`ll never be the same don`t you let me down, don`t you know that you`re to blame...

And I think of all the time you`ve been away and i ask myself oh what`s the point of waiting for the day

I believe in you in every waking hour, did you have to leave me for a life that turns so dark and sour

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