No Regrets, Vol. 2 Testo

Testo No Regrets, Vol. 2

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
All the pain that haunts me still.
And all the shame surrounding you, is now the past that I can't kill.
Forever wrapped around me.
And all the sadness was your life, are now the things that I can't hide.
It's just a fear that's deep inside, from all the years of hiding.

There's a ghost that's inside of my mind, and a pain is still haunting me.
So I can never go back and rewind.
And I can never have peace or be still.

Somebody take this away.
But I have lived for you, and every single little thing you do.
But I have lived for you, and I won't kill myself for loving you.

They took you far away from me, so I could never find you.
They made me blind but I can see, the loaded gun behind you.
The end of all that this boy knew, inside of me was the inside of you.
I miss the way we used to be, when I was what would bring you through.

Because I have lived for you, and every little thing you do.
But I can't rise above your lies, that you have gladly made your life.
And I won't kill myself for loving you.
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