A Year In The Suburbs Testo

Testo A Year In The Suburbs

Why can't things be as easy as they once were.
It pains me to say, but I don't love you anymore.
It was great while it lasted but things had changed so fast it,
Kept, kept my head spinning.
I haven't been happy for quite sometime.
You wouldn't know by the way I wore my smile.

Once I held you when it was cold and gloom.
Now I can't even stand to be in the same room.
Your sight just sickens me.
Your voice is painful to hear.
How did we ever last a whole year.

I had moved on when you found out.
You had to scream and shout.
Was that ever enough.
I have changed.
You have too.
It happens.
Apart we grew.

Once I kissed you and wiped away your tears.
Now when the door opens all I feel is fear.
The decisions you make are of the poorest kind.
I can't even imagine what's in your mind.

And I'll say, this is the last time.
That a thought of your ever crossed my mind.
I'm not here to catch your fall.
I hope the ground is a wake up call.

Take this as you may.
How ever you do.
Know that we can never be new.
Take this as you may.
How ever you do.
Know that we can never be new.

Your mind is your prison here is where you will die
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