Foot Of The Thrown Testo

Testo Foot Of The Thrown

I can believe what it's come down too, controlling every resource makes us stronger far more superior to.
Corrupt governments challenge it's youth refrain provoked watching us with detest passing judgement on you.
I'm so sorry for interrupting you, I have no clue you wanted to share this with the rest of us, were we even worthy of it's presence.
None of this makes any, any fucking sense, why was I not chosen over you, how could they decide so irrationally, how could they decide.
I can believe what it's come down too, controlling every resource.
Sins of our fathers [2x]
Now we're fighting back, feel the Enders drawing near.
When you're face to face with the real reason we're all still here.
Some entity must need us viable, when you're faced with something real.
But were really bringing down the house, it was a nice place to visit it's just not for me.
Not everything has to be explained, not everything has to be so clear.
Destroying the face of something so real feels so wrong.
I can believe what it's come down too controlling every resource.
Keep it coming; I can feel the Enders drawing near.
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