Still I Rise Testo

Testo Still I Rise

(feat. G Curtis)

[Hook: G CURTIS]
still i rise to the top
momma you should see me now
lights so lavish
and i'm super star status
so high that i cant come down
so if you're with me with me with me
put your hands up lets get this money money
and smile for the camera

speaking of rising i'm whats next
and do i feel entitled to your girlfriend (oh Ye) yes
girl wanna marry i'm just looking for some sex
or some brain or some dome synonym gettin' that
small girl skinnier than anyone i text
eighties baby tank to her knees lookin' like a dress
others on the jack i ain't tryin' to impress
i'm just tryin' get my dance on
come back to a girl no pants on
look hes back and sammy got another dance song
had to put my mans on, get
g curtis in the booth with the beat that my engineer matty could
get his damn hands on (matty trump mutha fucka)
and then my life was what i planned for
yaa you can catch me at the airport flyin' first class
know i'm on the grand tour
never forgettin' to smile for the camera


[?] topic of discussion
you know that any where you go they'll be lookin'
despite all the concerts that we be bookin'
and all this effort that i be puttin'
down is for you so stop trippin'
they know about the flights and resorts we hittin'
they know how many checks that the boys been writtin'
so stick to the dive and let them do the flippin'
and ima stick to frees cause they better than my written
chillin' by the pool kickin ls gettin lifted
took a chance so i knew i would never miss it
now i have haters no time to dismiss them
wakin up pos see the beach in my vision privacy on the door
the beats is admission wont stop till the whole damn world listens
but thats gone take some time either you pop or you drop know the boy gone shine


still i rise
not just for the moment but the rest of my life
and all my dreams they constantly get turned into reality


sammy adams g curtis
first round first round records
still i rise
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