Strawberry Road Testo

Testo Strawberry Road

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
shotgun alleys with lightning flowers
under the eyes of fallen statues
dry blood they've never seen

pain is sharper when i suspecy
that true love runs looking for us
like a lion in our dreams

the strawberry road
where the dream fades
is down between our longing and desire
the strawberry road
there our hearts break into love

you censor longing and organize beauty
because you're afraid
you want it more than oxygen or light

you can't get there with your morals
or without love
lie down with me
the rules aren't always right

call it romance or nostalgia
this hunder behind our memories
we've buried it in code

the things we've wanted
when we get them are never enough
never what they seem
but they lead us to the road
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