Dead End Testo

Testo Dead End

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Oh what's wrong with me
Said oh what's wrong with me
I know what I don't want to be
A dead end on the family tree

And I just lost my virginity
To a girl who won't remember me at all
Took her out on a shopping spree
Happiness never happened for free

Could it be that I imagine things
I'm just sad instead of heartbroken
She came home but she's leaving again
She's coming back but she won't say when

And I don't sing songs anymore
I don't feel young anymore
And it's hard to conceal
That these tears that I cry are for real

My pop said I should be like him
My mom says I can live with them
I had to ask my little brother to lend
Me change for the bus 'til I see him again

I'm getting drunk every day of the week
My ship sunk but it had no leak
A fortune teller on Bishop Street
She read my hand and the future is bleak

I'm tired of sitting upon the fence
I've got no self confidence
Why don't I have a circle of friends?
I'm so square they don't even pretend


Don't give in, don't give in
You can never let them win
Don't give in, don't give in
But I get cold
I get cold
Every night, night, night
Without a prayer in my heart, heart, heart

Oh what's wrong with me
Said oh Lord what's wrong with me
I know what I don't wanna be
A dead end on the family tree

And the train for my salvation
Is departing from the station
She don't feel like conversation
So I'm talking to myself
I got nobody else
I got my my bottle of booze and my stale cigarettes
Down from the shelf

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