Happiness Testo

Testo Happiness

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
I can see the sun coming up
And I need it (oooh yeah)
I feel like I've been down for a while
They said the grass was always greener
But you know I haven't seen a…
I feel like I've been dying for a smile
And I'm not going to stop
Coz time waits for no one
I got only? what I got
While I'm alive

I can feel the world spinning 'round
Do you feel it? (oh yeah)
Before every day comes a night
But if you're blinded by the light
You can't see anything in sight
Sit tight sit tight it'll be alright


Happiness you belong to me,
Happiness you're mine (x2)

I said I've been looking for you
But I haven't found ya (x4)

Happiness you belong to me,
Happiness you're mine
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