Next To Me Testo

Testo Next To Me

Touch me baby (i wanna feel your body)
I wanna get next to you
Soft and wet (just like i like it baby)
Ooh let me give it to you

You drive me crazy
Let me be your fantasy
It makes me lazy
Ooh i love your energy
Ooh i need you
Let me turn your head around
Baby let's get it up
I gotta love you down

Next to me is the place to be (in the place)

Next to me

Don't let me scare you away
I'm gonna make you my baby (baby ooh)
You might think that i'm too bold
But i know what i mean
I wanna be your centerfold
(i need you) you'll be coming back for more
(got to have you) break you down right to the floor
(yes i want you) ooh i want you too
I'll make you climb the walls
And kiss the ceiling too

Next to me is the place to be (in the place)
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