Super Girl Testo

Testo Super Girl

When you break it down
I think the major difference is
I got a different sound
It separates me from the rest
(With me) Whatcha see ain't always whatcha get
(What you get) don't you forget it baby
Cause I'm a different breed
And you can check my pedigree
I got a lot to say
And I don't care if you agree (you'll see)
I'm a make it so you won't forget
Please believe me I'm a make it so you won't forget it

Cause I'm a super girl
Here to save the world
I got the power in the palm of my hand
And I'm a change the world
Cause I'm a super girl (super girl)
I got the power baby

It's not a bird or plane
So don't look up in the sky
Cause I'll be in your face
Before you even blink and eye (cause I)
I can travel at the speed of sound
You can hear the music pumpin through your speakers baby
And I can use my voice
To defeat those who resist
They don't stand a chance
Cause I don't show my weaknesses (too late)
There ain't nothin that can stop me now
Ya gotta know that there ain't nothin that can stop me now


I'm blowin up like dynamite
I'm faster than the speed of light
Jump up by leaps and bounds
Shake things up I hit the ground
Can't stop me no no
I will conquer solo
No my name
I make some noise
Then hit the sonic boom destroy
Nothing like kryptonite
Will break me down I'm bound to fight
Right through with x-ray vision
Just stand back I'm on a mission
My head up to the sky
And we'll be flyin high
Send a signal in distress
With an "S" across my chest yes

[Chorus x2]
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