I Need A House Testo

Testo I Need A House

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Tiziano Ferro, lacrime di commozione durante il live a San Siro
Finding me, finding truth
Finding love in a changing world
Finding peace, in simplicity
Finding out where i come from

Finding courage, finding faith
Finding acceptance in a narrow space
Finding time, when time has gone
Finding out what going on

I need a house, I need a room
I need a bed to sleep in
I need a coffee and a kitchen sink
I need a friend, I need a love, I need someone who'll miss me
When I get home
Don't wanna be alone

Finding the gate, finding the door
Finding the streets I used to walk before
When I was free, when I could see
When I was crazy
I wish somebody told me that


I wonder, what about reality
I wonder who'll be staring at me
When I look into my mirror

Mmm mmm mmm
I wonder what love means

Chorus x3