Come Home Testo

Testo Come Home

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
I don't think I ever told you
When cords and wires were the same
I set fire to the field
Where you told me not to play
With a little girl named Amy
And we just ran away

I remember seeing a ladder
It reached up to the sky
Along the side of our building
I didn't realize
I'd climbed so high
You were there to bring me down

On radio corona
Singing with Charlie rich again
You hit every puddle
From here to San Rafael

You try to be happy
I like it when you call me pal
I know you want to protect me
Even when you don't know how

I wish you knew how much I miss you
When you don't come home from work
I try to be a decent person
I want you to be proud
Sometimes it's not so easy
When you're not around
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