While You Were Waiting Testo

Testo While You Were Waiting

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
get off the tracks, always the same things on your mind
everything that you deserve, and how you've been denied it
you want it all so bad, no matter what you have
can't be satisfied, with anything less than more

think you've made it, close your eyes, and open up your hands
while you were waiting, someone left footprints in your back
your white leather couch is with that wallet full of cash
and gold plated egos shine up nicely with some class
don't care how you get it, and you might regret it
as soon as things get brighter, you cram your head right up your ass

[Chorus x2]
you want to be the one that does the telling what to do
so people like yourself will wish that they were you
you want it all so bad, no matter what you have
can't be satisfied with anything less than more

[Chorus x2]
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