Another Last Chance Testo

Testo Another Last Chance

Baby I'm tryna step 2 u and b a man about it
And express myself my ? jus won't allow it
Kouldnt help b4(the lyfe of me)
Gyrl I wasn't triflin
I kant believe the thyngs I did 2 u
I'm not here 2 say I'm sorry ova and ova
And I'm not gone spit no game trying 2 get ova
Gyrl I'm at ur mercy
Do wat u will wit me
B4 u walk away jus listen

Wish I kould press rewind and take away the pain
If there's a perfect endin
Wat I'm about 2 do 4 u
Throw myself off dis bridge 4 u
I'm trippin kuz I'm bout 2 lose my boo
Gyrl I plead insanity

Baby plz 4give me
4 everythyng dat I did
I was actin lyke a kid
Baby plz 4give
I promise 2 tell da truth
Gyrl I'm gone do rite by u
Baby plz 4give me
4 not answerin my kallz
Wen I was out tryna ball?
Baby plz 4give me
All I'm askin 4 askin 4 iz anotha last chance

I kno u said
Da last tyme we tried was da final tyme
And if u don't believe me listen 2 my eyes
How kan I make u understand
Baby I'm a changed man
Kill me if u tell me dat ur thru
Been suferin and I kant take it no longer
I kant b da dude who's watchin u at da alter
Wit anotha man 2 b
Wen I know it should b me
Hearin u say


Gyrl I'm sorry 4 all da ? ur way baby
Gyrl I'm sorry 4 sleepless nites 4 teary eyes I made
Gyrl I'm sorry 4 not answerin
4 not catchin u wen u fall
But I promise 4rm dis day on imma b da man u need
Baby plz

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