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Yea, oh why why? You didnt have to leave me baby...

[Verse 1:]
I called you today, no one picked up the phone. As fast as I could girl I ran to your home. When I arrived, to my surprise you were gone(ooh baby). Your neighbor informed me that you moved away. How could you not tell me and leave me this way. With no good-bye's, and crying eyes, I wish you would have stayed.

So I count every second, I count every minute that you are away from me, I just can't take it. Ooh why, can't I, get with you.(repeat 1 time)

[VERSE 2:]
Things won't be the same, there's no me without you. For the rest of my life I'll be searching for you. Oh my first love, don't know how much, I'll miss you. There are lessons of love and I've learned my first one. My mom says get ready, I've got more to come
But I can't take no more heartache, I want you.


So we made a (promise, a promise) Promise. Yes we did Ooh.
It was all alright (It's all good baby, it's alright baby)
It's alright(whoa! in your pretty eyes )
It was so innocent(It was so innocent baby, yes it was)
The first time (Ooh my very first time)
That we kissed (that we kissed, Ooh baby)
Like.... this yea so I...

[Chorus: until song fades away]
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