Hero Testo

Testo Hero

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
[verse 1:]
Gave to me life heard my cry, quriousley looked in my eyes, all those things you said to me ill be, Doctor loyer scientist conversations frome tha heart, funny how you tollerated me oh ya

There are times when you stress for me, but you allways there when i need the little things you do, god has blessed me, your my hero my hero lives in you,

[verse 2:]
Dear dad, latley after mom's been gone spending time with you alone bascketball practice you went with me oh oh oh football and those baseball games you wanted me to play but you still help me be the savyour thats in me oh daddy


only there was times when i would sit down and talk to you yes there are times ooh i miss those days
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