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Testo Slow

Inserito il 16 Ottobre 2006
Amici, le anticipazioni della quarta puntata
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[Verse 1:]
Everything That You Want Do You Not Get It All, When You Need Me, Do I Not Pick Up The Phone In Call, This Ain't About The Games Or Who Win Or Who Lose Or Whose Fault, Cause That Don't Mean A Thing, Girl I Want To Give You All, But First We Gotta Take It Slow

Slow Girl, Just Relax Your Mind, Sit Back And Unwine All Day, Baby Take It Slow Girl, We Don't Have To Rush, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, Baby Take It Slow Girl, Baby Take It Easy, We Gone Be Together Always, Baby Take It Slow, Ima Take It Slow, We Gone Take It Slow

[Verse 2:]
You May, Not Understand But In Due Time, Girl I Want Your Body, But First I Need Your Mind, You Could Follow Me, Take My Hand Let Me Show You The Way Oh, Till My Luck Go Up, Then Everyone Try You Can ?, But First We Gotta


[Verse 3:]
Slow,Slow,Slow (Im Trya Take,Trya Take


Scarica la suoneria di Slow!
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