Tryna Fall Asleep Testo

Testo Tryna Fall Asleep

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Just received a text from my ex saying that she still love me,fuck she still love me
But my new girl's right here how it might've feel
Damn I'm just tryna to fall asleep ye
Leaving while my girlfriend thinks that I'm cheating
Everytime I leave the city, why me?
Don't she know this music shit be stressful
So maybe we should let go ,hide the key I don't know
Group is be all upon me, 25 of the weight of the world
At the top so you know it's lonely, fake friends fuck that I'm fed up
Sleeping pills ain't working I'm a custom to the substance ,I'm a mess
No starring at the ceiling, a prisoner of my mind
Damn I have this feeling I can't sleep at night
Tossing and turning, guess I'll let it burn and
In this mess that I'm learning got me wake
I just wanna close my eyes just one good night
Damn I just wanna fall asleep
I'm just tryin' to fall asleep
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