Lion's Den Testo

Testo Lion's Den

Take a step in my shoes
You can't held out
No chance
Bass up I don't give a fucken damn
I did it on my own
I don't need those hands
Beetchya mouth You gone lose those man
Never bring food to a lions den
Don't throw gas in the fire man
And I ain't gassin' this fire man

And I'm higher than
All of the above too fly to land
And flip with a flow
Thata make a dude in a wheelchair
Do a Michael Jackson dance
And I'm bout those Jackson's man
And from this rappin' stance
Dubstep house and electric fan
Up in en Chalan in the south of France
Our view is untouched
Wakin' up drunk gotta find my pants
Cell phones dead but I got a plan
Left phone dead I'm alive again
And I'm kickin' now
Plot is startin' to thicken now
Started this trend don't forget this clowns
Give me yo voice now I rip it out
Adrenalin shots in the heart in is
Overdosin is the hardest shit
Mike stain crumbles the filter rips
The preans blow
The speakers clip
Yeah yeah
And they wonder what my life is like
Married to the bass but the drums my wife
Mormon shit prolly right
Yup and i'm prolly right
About my future and what's insight
Or what's in store
No shoppin light pedal to the floor
No stoppin' lights (stoppin' lights)
And I'm so close to take off
I hope that this confidence never shake off shake off
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