Sufferance Abound Testo

Testo Sufferance Abound

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I couldn't imagine being less impressed than this
we must have reached the peak of indifference
Through these ostentatious times
you've got your and Ive' got mine

were under the impression
that this is paradise
things seem nice, so do you really care
Reliance of lassie-faire

Should we even bother trying to persist
with sordid hearts and empty fists
and the timid acceptance of vague and hollow promises
"was there something that I missed?"

Were still distracted by commodities and trends
forever pacified with addiction and ignorance
we limit liability, forfeit responsibility
we stay fixated
on the things that we are sold
holing on to uncertainty
will we ever learn to see?

Should we even bother trying to resist
hollow hearts and Iron fists
linguistic onslaughts of vague and hollow promises

every mile that we have traveled
has only left us that much more stranded
than we were before
we can be assured
our time is almost over
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