Just Dance Testo

Testo Just Dance

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Every night I go out
I feel your eyes
Just lookin' at me
And every time I look your way
You turn your head
Don't play those games
Don't be so mean...hmmmm
Every song that comes on
I look to see
Will he dance with me?
So please Mister DJ play my song
All nite long, the battle's on

All I wanna do is dance
Forget the romance
Take a chance
Now do that dance
Just move
Grab me closer now
Tease me, Turn me And Show me how
Just Dance
Pull me in tight
The groove is real nice
Let's party tonite
Just work, AhhOw That's right I said
All I Wanna do is DANCE!

So my girls clear the floor out
Beat in your ears
With moves so fierce
Not to be outdone you call the boys
Break the beat, get on your feet
So fresh so clean, woo!
Energy heats up the atmosphere
The crowd is hyped..mmm...let's move tonite!
And keep the hits flowin' all nite long
And play my favorite song


Rule 1, Just have some fun
Dance until the sun comes up
Rule 2, Crew against crew
I got my girls, you got your guys too
Rule 3, Just you and me
Don't rush the nite, Take it slowly
Rule 4, Everyone to the floor
I wanna see you Dance
Come on, just move
I wanna see you Work! (Laughter)
Just Dance

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