Black Fucking Murder Testo

Testo Black Fucking Murder

For me its natural to feel
Nothing but hate and contempt
Surrounded by humans
Pathetic and weak
They have blindfolded my heart
With ugly flesh and faith
In my soul the black worms nest
Soon to cocoon, to born as bats as Satan

Black fucking murder
Ejaculation of death
Black fucking murder
Burning lead my breath

You buried me ages ago
Yet too soon for you I was awake
The plague and scourge of mankind
The black prophet of death
Where I walk I wish you Hell
In my appearance, words and my deeds
I put the zenith to its limit
Ride the carnage of souls
Hear the sermon of worship in black
I write and claim in priests' blood
I have sinned to be the betrayer
Judas of year two thousand and two
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