The Crown of Burning Stars Testo

Testo The Crown of Burning Stars

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Music & lyrics: Lenrauth / SARGEIST]

This shining torch we carry
The bridge of status quo disappears behind us
An impulse to sublimination
The desire to embrace the divine within us

Summoning the fury of Chaos to find
The forbidden yet majestic fire which comes from below
The maze of doubts leading to knowledge
The one which destroys or exhilarates

Let this worship be like a thundering storm
Possessing yet unchaining the souls of thy disciples
Each new door is a key to this perilous realm
The burdens of what once was now lay in ruins before our eyes

Dare to revere adversity as much as triumph
Proudly forging and ferociously shapening the spirit

A monument to honour: the Promethean temple
To reach and receive the crown made of slamming stars
His glory is ours as he lives through us
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