The Impaler Prince Testo

Testo The Impaler Prince

Vlad the third, the Impaler Prince
Wallachain lord of sins
Born in 1431 in Sighisoara

The year was same his father became
A part of the Dragon Order
Thus the name Dracul - the devil
The dragon of evil and hate

Years had passed and he was taught
The art of war and noble ways
He had the Faragas and Almas dutches on his days

Destiny gave him not more than six years on the throne
Still he ruled with tyranny and mercy was not shown
He loved to set a banquet up and watch the people die
Old and young and children tortured under Dracul's eye

Armies of the Turkish fled with fear burnt in their hearts
Terror spread where corpses hung and where the rotting starts
On mountains near the River Arges he had meant to be
But on this sorrow-guided trail became his misery

Betrayed by no one but his brother - he did flee
His wife had thrown herself to death for brother's men to see
For years he was a captive in the court of Hunyadi
Then he came to pay revenge and set a reign to be

Vlad the third, Impaler Prince
Wallachain lord of sins
Born in 1431 in Sighisoara
In the end he dies in battle, how, remain unknown
The year of 1476 death was his own
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