Lipstick On The Mirror Testo

Testo Lipstick On The Mirror

Sunday morning and again I opened my eyes to lift my shattered head.
Started mending all the pieces to explain the chaos round my bed.
And I stumbled to the bathroom to wash away the demage on my face.
When suddenley it hit me through the haze.

There was Lipstick on the mirror, saying:"I just had to go. I realy liked to stay here, but I wasn´t sure if you would like it too.
And if you ever feel like seeing me again, don´t hasitate to call.
Here´s my number: 5550754"

After three long days I had to call her, cause I couldn´t wait no more.
So we met around the corner and love that second sight defind the score, once more.
This was just too good to be true and I caught myself wishing that she would stick around
The other day I fortunatley found.

Lipstick on the mirror, saying:"I love you.
I´ve got a feeling this could be forever, if you feel the same way too.
I finaly think, I know the meaning of `everything´s allright`.
Yes, how about dinner at my place, 8 pm tonight.

Monday morning and again I open up my eyes with a smile upon my face.
Full of expectations I turn around my head to find an empty space,oh no.
This uneasy, funny feeling´s creeping over me. I know what´s going on.
Just some steps away to prove me right from wrong.

There was Lipstick on the mirror, saying:" Sorry, I really had to leave.
I´m not the kind of girl that you deserve an sure I´m never gonna be.
I think you´re better off without me, and I wish you luck with everything you do.
Thank you, xxx, sincerely yours"

I wipe the Lipstick off the mirror
Things are getting clearer

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