A Wedding Testo

Testo A Wedding

Do I feel betrayed? Could I look you in the eye?
At least you were thinking about me.
She says it's wrong to smile...
she feels ugly where it hurts.
Corruption is such a fucking flirt.
And a wedding has begun but the priest is all alone.
Oh, standing lifeless by the cake.
But oh wait, here comes the bride... but she wasn't wearing white...
Or could this be a wake?

What are you hiding from?
And where will you go?
What are you waiting for?
Why are you trying to feed us lies?
When we already know?
What are you waiting for?

And now we're back inside,
the rings have been exchanged.
They're bound by a union of their lips.
But as invited guists, how inappropriate...
They throw rice at the apocalypse.
As we guessed it's all a show...
Holy hands and swords in stones...
Oh, damn this pounding in my chest...
All I wanted her my life and for me I wanted yours...
Oh, these bullets in my vest.

Fight, your life.
Search, artificial glory.
We object to your unending story.
They win, we lose
Take this corpse as your bride.
Your sins, we die.
But we will not be cast aside.

If this is where it ends, then where do I go now?
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