Smoov P Testo

Testo Smoov P

Girl I can’t let you go
Know what I mean?
It’s like
I don’t even know how to talk to her already
I’m a hardcore man
I smack the shit out of this
I ain’t even with all this smoov shit
It feels stupid though
That’s a bull, pull they ass over here
There are 2 savage machine

Listen, it goes
Maybach, lean back, male cypher
Rented Jeep cost something to sniff with my bitch broad
I’m rich after this trip, I’m shuttin’ chop down
No dealer wade, it’s real estates and stocks now
Quit while I’m ahead, rappers get all lanes
43 is all some of the nutcrackers that ball games
LeBron James, I’m Kevin Duckworth
Land by and spin with the Dodge, fuckin’ with rough work
You’re ballin’ but you’re left hand weak
Now you’re fallin’ when your step man creep (Stupid nigga)
P strictly ill
Rock down records
Come sign a 3-60 deal
Come grind, P pushin’ pills
Hand me the weirdest, I’ll go sell ‘em to Manny Ramirez
I am the best rapper
Quick draw, hit poll, fuck it be flash faster

It’s that Gumball trick
7000 great weed in 1 spliff

I know what it is to sell
I know what it is to flop
Brownsville duke, I sold H and I hate cops
Lettin’ the A pop
Soon as the bang stop
Shake niggas down, have them come out they tank pop
I’m making my French ock, making my euros
Making my chromies, that niggas is zeros
Rock is a weirdo, letting his beard grow
Came up from nothing now Rock is your hero
What do I fear yo? Been through the worst shit
From addicted parents into marriaging hore shit
Pop’s a drunk nigga, mom’s a crack addict
Love them both to death but a nigga got bad habits
You know – take a sip of this, take a hit of that
My nose is sore, from sniffin’ that
That’s dope, that’s weed, that’s cope, that’s P
No joke, nigga
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