STFU Pt.2 Testo

Testo STFU Pt.2

[Verse 1:]
All I do is rap and rhyme
I don't know today's math, don't keep track of time
Universal beat down, beat down your universe
Sean P AKA you the worst

The best rapper, the worst rapper
The sket clapper, the purse snatcher
The neck snapper, the Earth slapper
This your man Sean
The opposite of a fucking Duran Duran song
That nigga soft with the wack shit
My raps slap the Earth off of it's axis
You dealing with a motherfucking boss, you bastard
Niggas die when I'm raising my voice a ratchet
Motherfucker, do you
Form a fan, cast it, smacked posted on YouTube
P, I spray the gat at your ride
Sean Price the greatest rapper alive
Shut the fuck up

[Verse 2:]
The first verse uno, second verse dos
First verse is bueno, the next one is boss
Back when Milk was chilling
My man smoked a bag of dust and killed his children

No fucking around, no Wilt the stilting

Niggas that's off balance gets killed for tilting
I bang burners at bitches that's built for building
Cover your Ralph Tresvant, quilt your feelings

Too hot, take off the hot sweater
Expose a lot of chedder, get popped with a hot Beretta
African boss Mandela
Idi Amin when smoking the ya mean
Clutching the pound
Then I start waving my arms and fucking around
Niggas stop playing with Sean, listen
I spit prison imam bars
That'll put you in a ER, pa

Shut the fuck up
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