Pass Slowly Testo

Testo Pass Slowly

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I think it's time for a change
Cause things feel out of touch
And I watch you walk away, again

Well this feels like too much
(Can you take it away?)
And things won't go my way
Now I'll have to fade away, my friend

So pass slowly
And carry me down
And render me lonely
When you're not around

I need to shake off this pain
But courage takes too much
So I have to walk away, again

Oh God I miss your touch
(Can you take it away?)
The way that you keep me safe
I won't let you fade away, my friend

So pass slowly
And carry me down
Remember me only
When you're not around

Oh yea, can't you stay awhile longer?
Oh yea, won't you stay?
God please stay
And pass slowly
(It's time for a change)
And whittle me down
(Cause things feel out of touch)
And render me lonely
(I'll watch you walk away, again)
When you're not around

So pass slowly
(This feels like too much)
And let me down easy
(And things won't go my way)
Render me lonely
(I'll have to fade away, my friend)
When you're not around
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